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Thats correct 65 billion chickens are consumed each year globally. Early detection of infectious diseases plays a crucial role in all disease prevention and food security strategies.

The PreciseAG.AI Poultry Health is the leading edge solution for Poultry Biosecurity efforts. The frequent occurrence of poultry diseases, such as bird flu, not only cause adverse economic impacts but also seriously threaten the health of human beings. By providing early warnings of sick poultry allows contagion to be minimized. With the rise of digital image processing technology and machine learning algorithms, point monitoring of poultry health status is an easy and effective way to prevent large-scale outbreaks of disease.

Any size farm, Animal Health professional or Goverment Agency, look no further for the fastest most dynamic, animal health early warning solution available. With the capability for you to deploy anywhere to anyone!

Some solutions are just so simple they make you smile, That's #PreciseAG.AI.

Smart Poultry Health

#PreciseAG.AI the leader in Smart Poultry Health.

Worldwide, many infections remain undetected due to poor education, poor training or poor diagnostic tools. Animal infections are often unidentified, undiagnosed and therefore untreated, or diagnosed at the late stage when contagion has started and other prevention measures become less effective. This results in on-going transmission of serious infections across populations.

Early Detection
Immediate Isolation
Accurate Treatment
Exposure Reduction

When you do take measures for early detection, it may prevent or delay the onset of disease or make it more likely that the illness can be successfully treated. Early detection is the key tenet of contagion management and a variety of measures are available. Certain screening tests can help to identify health issues before symptoms appear. It’s also important to consider the enviornmental risk factors to help with other prevention initiatives.

Need to Know

Remarkably Simple, Smart Poultry Health.

What is it?


PreciseAG.AI is the global leader in Smart Poultry Health, without expensive equipment or system installations.

Why do I need it now?


PreciseAG.AI is an integral part of a Poultry growers BioSecurity plan; Helping Growers identify and report increases in mortality or signs of health problems immediately.

Why its different?


PreciseAG.AI's Smart Poultry Health is different based on 3 factors. Globally accessible. It is ridiculously easy to use and It is the only system of its kind to leverage artificial intelligence for immediate diagnosis.

Health and Safety are critical to the future of the poultry industry and consumers. Biosecurity is a collection of measures designed to prevent the entry of a disease agent onto a farm and spread among farms, At PreciseAG.AI the mission is simple, Smart Poultry Health.

Smart Poultry Health combined with Biosecurity is taking measures to protect your birds from harmful biological agents, like viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. Not just for the safety of the flock but for the security and dependability of the food farmers and growers have and will consistently put on tables across reaching all corners of the world.

The Genesis

#PreciseAG.AI Origin Story!

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    June 2021 - Present


    Starting out in the United Arab Emirates, the task for early detection of health issues was Mission #1 in the prevention of outbreaks. Currently there are any number of methods that tend to be tribal knowledge and speculative, based on human perseption and bias. PreciseAG.AI removes this initial hurdle by overcoming the need for reliance soley on human perspective with Smart Poultry Health.

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    July 2021


    Taking into account the myriad of varibles necessary for processing such imagery and then to perform a rapid cursory level analysis with the data on hand was achieved in a phenominally short amount of time. Tested using the latest user-based cases and applied research.

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    November 2021


    One of the keys to the viability of PreciseAG.AI is its easy deployment and utilization model. The wonderfully simple nature will have many saying, "why didn't I think of that". There is no need, because #PreciseAG.AI is on the job and did it for you. YOU'RE WELCOME for Smart Poultry Health.



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